Interview with Pro Dog Trainer Alexo Gritsipis

Interview with Pro Dog Trainer Alexo Gritsipis


In Part 2 of our super BONUS podcast, we hear from another one of our Pro Dog Trainers! Alexo has been a member of our community since almost the beginning. From the success story of her own personal dogs and how her growth as a trainer has enabled her to grow her client base and get the PERFECT CLIENTS to how it has impacted her on a personal level, as a trainer, and as a person, we get to hear her Pro Dog Trainer story!

Whether you have taken the leap, are considering it, or maybe aren’t sure if dog training is the right path for you, this may just be what you need to hear! 

In today’s world, we all need some wins! Listen in on some awesome journey’s as we interview a few of our rockstar Pro Dog Trainers and listen in on how taking the leap really changed their life, gave them forward momentum to continued success, and how risking it forward grew their business exponentially, even when the world isn’t always cooperative! Get your dose of AWESOME SAUCE right here!

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