Gundogs, Games and the Power of Positivity ft. Ann McGloon
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Gundogs, Games and the Power of Positivity ft. Ann McGloon


In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, we are delighted to welcome back the wonderful Ann McGloon - an awesome Pro Dog Trainer who has incredible experience with Scent Work, Search and Rescue handling, tracking, detection and man-trailing (just to name a few), as well as being an awesome instructor AND NOW, she's bringing us some super exciting Gundog geekiness!

Throughout this podcast episode, Lauren and Ann share insights on how all the amazing skills and concepts needed within the Gundog world, such as impulse control, focus, disengagement and so much more, can cross over and be seen in scent work, detection work, Agility and so many other areas of the dog training world!

Ann also talks us through the insightful ways she works to understand the traditional training of the Gundog world and how she completely reshapes it into a multitude of positive GAMES for her own dogs to learn all the Gundog skills they need through the power of games-based training. Ann is a true Gamechanger and an absolute Gundog genius!

Want to get started in Gundog training with your dog and see what it's all about? They don't even have to be a Gundog breed!

Check out Gundog Games:

If there is one message from this podcast, it is that ALL are welcome! No matter whether you have a Naughty But Nice dog with training struggles, whether you have a herding breed, a gundog breed or even a totally different breed altogether - if you and your dog want to try your hand at playing Gundog games, you are most welcome here!

Jump in and have a listen – and while you’re here leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!