Guarding Optimism, Being Grateful and Finding Inspiration ft. Justin Prust

Guarding Optimism, Being Grateful and Finding Inspiration ft. Justin Prust


In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, Lauren is joined once again by the always awesome Justin Prust for an immense deep dive chat that is sure to get you thinking, reflecting, contemplating and looking at your life in a whole new way!

The focus of this episode is all about ADVICE. Throughout our lives we are given a myriad of advice - both good and bad - and no matter whether we've received it from other dog owners, someone in within our canine world, or even if it came from a work colleague, a boss, our parents, friends, family, school teachers or anyone in our lives - everyone loves to give advice - it’s important to know what to listen to, and who, so that you can protect your space and live your life with as much passion as possible!

This episode is packed with top tips, tricks and thought-provoking hacks focusing on:

  • Living a more abundant lifestyle
  • Looking to the world and those around you for good vibes and inspiration
  • Living in the moment and seeking out opportunities to be grateful
  • Savouring the good times and learning from the bad
  • Going with your gut, taking good advice and living your passion
  • Guarding your optimism and protecting your space from negative influences and bad advice

This really isn’t an episode you want to miss – grab a cup of something, maybe a snack or two and your notepad and settle in for an amazing listen, filled with so many lightbulbs and all THE VERY BEST of the good stuff!

It really is an inspirational episode, so jump in – and while you’re here, leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!