Finding the Path to Positivity ft. Pro Dog Trainer, Natalie Cox
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Finding the Path to Positivity ft. Pro Dog Trainer, Natalie Cox


In today's episode, Lauren is chatting with awesome Pro Dog Trainer, Natalie Cox about her journey from struggling dog owner to successful Gamechanger!

Natalie began her absoluteDOGS journey with the Sexier than a Squirrel Challenge to help her own dog, Bertie, through tough COVID times where walks were a struggle. After jumping into Training Academy, Natalie's journey propelled her into the Pro Dog Trainer programme and has since been followed by a giant leap into Geek where she found a super solutions boost for her dog's training and behaviour struggles!

After taking her struggles with her own dog from strength to strength, Natalie decided she wanted to share her wins and her success with other dog owners and she's now turning her Pro Dog Trainer knowledge to her own training business!

For Natalie, her absoluteDOGS and Pro Dog Trainer journey has given her an abundant lifestyle, filled with dog training joy, a massive positive energy and mindset shift and she has gone from negative Natalie to positive Pro Dog Trainer and super Gamechanger Natalie! 

If you're wondering about becoming a Pro Dog Trainer and how it can change your life, your dog's life and those lives of those around you, tune in to this super cool episode! This is one positivity-packed podcast you won't want to miss!