Ditch the Bowl: How to Train Your Dog with Food Rewards

Ditch the Bowl: How to Train Your Dog with Food Rewards

Welcome to this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, the podcast that brings you real-life dog training results, and sometimes human training ones too!

In this episode, Lauren is teaming up with Pro Dog Trainer and expert on all things dog, the amazing Sam, who is back to chat about the benefits of using your dog's food allowance each day to achieve your training goals, reinforce good behaviour and provide your dog with more enriching experiences. We call it Ditch the Bowl and the benefits are positively endless!

Join us as we explore the simplicity and effectiveness of ditching the traditional dog bowl to harness the rewarding value of your dog’s daily food and turn mealtimes into powerful bond-boosting training opportunities!

Lauren and Sam share easy-to-follow tips and real-life success stories, and break down the science behind why this method works wonders with insights into :
🐾 What Ditch the Bowl is and why it works.
🐾 How to adapt and make Ditch the Bowl work for you.
🐾 Why ditching food bowls is beneficial for dogs of any age or breed.
🐾 Practical ways to use your dog's daily food for training rewards and reinforcement.
🐾 Real-life examples of how Ditch the Bowl promotes more effective learning.
🐾 How to make Ditch the Bowl work with raw, fresh, kibble, or any diet.
🐾 Why ditching your dog’s food bowl makes training more successful and enjoyable.

Lauren and Sam also share an honest discussion about living with dogs that fight over food or don’t get along and how management, training and Ditch the Bowl can help everyone coexist. Plus they've got tips, tricks and tales from their own dogs’ training routines, demonstrating how this method can address behavioural challenges and improve overall dog management while using your dog’s daily meals to intake to instil calmness, focus, confidence, better behaviour and more joy in everyday life.

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Whether you're a seasoned trainer looking to enhance your skills, a dog parent looking for effective training, or you’re dealing with separation anxiety, pulling on lead, reactivity or struggling to manage life with multi-dogs (or any other training or behaviour struggle), tune in now for valuable insights and practical advice to boost your dog training success and discover how ditching your dog’s food bowl can lead to happier, healthier, and better-trained dogs!

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