Connection, Opportunity and Dog Training Magic: Kei’s Gamechanger Adventure!
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Connection, Opportunity and Dog Training Magic: Kei’s Gamechanger Adventure!


In this fabulous episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, Lauren is joined by the wonderful, Kei, who is coming to you all the way from sunny Southern California to share her Gamechanger journey not only with her awesome super pack of 5 dogs, but also her amazing adventures as a superstar Gamechanger and Pro Dog Trainer!

With her years of experience as a dog owner, pet parent, absoluteDOGS student and an amazing PDT, Kei offers some truly invaluable insight into how gratitude, a positive mindset and seizing opportunities that lift you up, while also letting go of opportunities that hold you back or weigh you down, can absolutely change your life – and your dog’s life – for the better!

Also in this episode, Lauren and Kei chat on the differences between “balanced” training and how these methods can affect your dog, their training progress and their relationship with YOU and how this compares to the kind, positive FUN and absolute solution-seeking revolution that is games-based concept training.

Plus they dive into how being brave and advocating for YOU and YOUR DOG by looking for a better way – the Gamechanger way – could just be the very best thing you will ever do!

From magical memories of visiting the home of absoluteDOGS, to inspiring stories of training success and using the power of scent in dog training to help a very special conservation effort, this episode really does have it all!

Do you have a Naughty But Nice dog that sounds just like Kei’s pup – or do you even face other struggles? Download your FREE copy of the Optimism Rocks eBook right here:

You absolutely CANNOT miss this episode, so dive in and have a listen – and while you’re here leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!