Celebrating Jasper
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Celebrating Jasper


Jasper sparkled, in life and on camera, always ready to shine as he demonstrated the games he loved, the games that transformed him from a dog lacking confidence to the extraordinary dog he became. Jasper inspired thousands upon thousands of Gamechangers with his passion, his enthusiasm, and his story. 

Today, we are celebrating his life, as we will do every day. Jasper may not be with us physically, but, as Michelle, his incredible (and just as tenacious) owner, shares, he is still here in so many ways. Join us in a celebration of everything he brought into her life, including an unexpected, and yet entirely fateful, journey from Bermuda to the UK so that he could become the ultimate teacher, not just for Michelle, but for the world. 

Michelle reflects on the beginning of their journey together, as well as how she has discovered a new perspective, and a new appreciation. Jasper’s memory continues to push her in new directions. We know, without a doubt, that he will continue to inspire the world through the power of games, as Jasper X, the NBN dog that gave so many dog owners in so many countries hope that their dog could be their very best version of themselves, too, just like Jasper.