Canine Scentwork & The Power of Sniffing on Cue ft. Ann McGloon
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Canine Scentwork & The Power of Sniffing on Cue ft. Ann McGloon


Welcome to this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, the podcast that brings you real-life dog training results, and sometimes human training ones too!

In this exciting episode, we’re joined by the wonderful Anne McGloon, a STAS podcast regular who is also an amazing Gamechanger, a rockstar Pro Dog Trainer and an absolute canine scentwork sensation!

Anne's passion for the field of scentwork is undeniable, with over a decade of seasoned experience under her belt in scentwork, search and rescue, tracking, gundogs and so much more and she's here to reveal the incredible benefits that scentwork offers to dogs of all breeds, whether they're born detectives or just looking for an enriching and fulfilling job. 

Join us as we uncover the secrets of how dogs use their noses to explore and learn about the world, and why encouraging sniffing on cue can actually improve focus and build a stronger bond between you and your canine companion!

Plus, we’ll discover how scentwork can provide the mental and physical stimulation your dog craves, making it an excellent option for those rainy days when a regular walk just won't cut it.

Anne also shares insights on understanding your dog's body language and interpreting their reactions to different scents. You'll learn to see the world through your dog's nose, noticing things you might have otherwise missed.

This is a sensational episode that celebrates the incredible power of your dog's nose and the joy that comes with exploring the world of scentwork together. 

Tune in now, and let the adventure begin!