An interview with Lauren Langman

An interview with Lauren Langman


This year at Crufts was the best ever competing year Lauren has ever had with any of her dogs EVER!

Lauren and Blink, her pocket rocket of a cocker spaniel, won two coveted events, say whhaaaaaaat?

The Crufts Singles title and the Crufts Championship title. The competition is fierce, and it was no different this year! These events are where the top handlers from all over the world gather, therefore winning is huge! 

In fact, Lauren is still on cloud 9 should you need her, she will be there for a while. 

While she is up there we asked her a few questions on what it was like to win, what prep went into the event, how she trains her dogs, for her words of advice and so much more!

Nicola, our guest interviewer phoned into the studio to interview Lauren so parts of the audio are not as clear as we would have liked but it is all still listenable and great quality advice.Support the show (