A Nifty Puppy

A Nifty Puppy


Lauren has a new puppy! Pro Dog Trainer and absoluteDogs super fan, Sam, interviews Lauren about Nifty, a Border Collie puppy that is growing up through games. 

During the interview, we cover topics like:

  • Training the dog in front of you
  • Dog training isn’t linear
  • Navigating struggles as they occur
  • Growing joy for rewards (not just food!)
  • Prioritising foundations

Lauren talks on balancing rest with a puppy that is learning their life skills and so much more, including socialisation, management to keep your puppy safe and more in this value-packed episode! 

Keep an eye out to follow along with Nifty’s journey and no matter what breed you have, age, size, history, our top tips and strategies can help any dog.

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