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3-Minute Games that Create Consistently Reliable Recalls Every Time
That Have Worked for 1000s of Other Dog Owners

"Leash off, Game on has completely transformed my life...

“Leash off, Game on has completely transformed my life, my dogs life and at least the lives of two others who I've shared it with! I was ready for giving up on my dog after trawling the internet for hours over the five months that I'd had my rescue doggy and finding nothing that worked. Then I came across this video and suddenly, something looked not only achieveable but fun too. Now my boy is far more focused, likes to be closer to me than before and will actually come back when called! I love these games!” - Hazel

" I would recommend LOGO to anyone who is struggling with their pooches!"

“I got "Leash Off Game On" for my two dogs who have the most unreliable recall ever! One glance at a dog In the distance and they would be off, leaving me embarrassed trying to recall them and failing. LOGO was the perfect solution to help me gain a reliable recall. The Dvd is broken into 'games' which you can play with your dog all of which stack up to help with recall, but can also be applied to other issues you may have. I found this training video to be so fun and so optimistic, our training didn't feel like a chore, you can literally play the games while waiting for the kettle to boil! My dogs recall is better and our relationship is building, I would reccomended LOGO to anyone who is struggling with their pooches!” - Katie

"I definitely think LOGO is the start of a great journey and will lead to a brilliant relationship with my dog."

“Leash off game on has got to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. I must admit when it first popped up in my Fb I was intrigued but couldn't believe it would work, anyway I sent off for the DVD and wow, it was amazing. As long as you are prepared to put in some effort and play the games, (and why wouldn't you, it's fun) it will work. It has opened up a whole new world of dog training I didn't know existed. I definitely think LOGO is the start of a great journey and will lead to a brilliant relationship with my dog.” - Karen

Is this actually FREE?
Really there are two reasons this is free.. We want you to not only see that results are possible like some trainers but make them happen for you - why? You deserve to have that walking through the fields freedom dream that it can get you. Secondly, it's never a bad thing to inspire someone with getting them real-life results - that might mean you find yourself tackling other dog training dreams too!
Why can't I just have a download of the DVD?
Have you ever downloaded some (probably amazing) learning to your computer - a PDF/video/eBook/etc. and never taken advantage of it? Our job as dog trainers is to not only get great dog training results through games BUT make sure that they get implemented for the good of dogs and the awesome relationships they share with us humans - we have found through our years of teaching internationally that a physical version of the learning does just that!
I Live in (insert ANY place in the world). Can I Still Grab One of The Free Copies?
We got you covered! What brought us to this point was our mission for every dog-owner team and relationship to reach their potential, so, wherever you live in the world, we WILL send you a Free DVD. We will also drop you a link to the instant watch download too.
When Can I Get Started with Leash Off, Game On?
We knew you would ask that, and, to be honest, we are super keen for you to get started and start seeing real-life results too. So, once you have secured your Free copy by covering the shipping, we'll drop you a link to an instant download to start watching in... well... two minutes from now!
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