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Dog Behaviour Issues?

How to work with dogs
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  • Lunging at Other Dogs

    Lunging at Other Dogs

  • Not Focused

    Not Focused

  • Dog Barking

    Dog Barking

  • Dog Pulling on Lead

    Dog Pulling on Lead

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how it works

Find a course that tackles your dog’s struggles and watch the video.

Play the games, unlocking your dog's behaviour transformation.

Achieve real-life results. Keep playing the games & celebrate your new, improved dog-owning reality.


Do You Have A Distracted Dog? This Is The Perfect Challenge For You!

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Dog Trainers Karen Squirels
Absolute Dogs has completely and utterly changed my life!

Our happy dogs & customers

Absolute Dogs has completely and utterly changed my life!

Life with my dog was the definition of challenging!

Our happy dogs & customers

Life with my dog was the definition of challenging! Through games and through fun she is now a complete joy!

Sarah and Boddy

Our happy dogs & customers

I really did not like my dog and I'm sure he did not like me either! Then Absolute Dogs came into our lives, and the games and Games Club changed everything!


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A gamified online training platform that will transform the way you bond with your dog & offer a world of resources for games-based training:

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