How To Be A Concept Trainer Audiobook

Reach new levels with your training journey and relationship with your dog. A true deep dive into concept training!



Are you new to the wonderful world of concept training? “There’s an Audiobook For That!”

Wondering how you can start with implementing concept training into your life so that your training journey and relationship with your dog reaches new levels?

How to be a Concept Trainer is a must read for every dog owner. It’s a true deep dive into concept and game-based dog training! This style of training is changing the lives of thousands of dogs and their owners across the world. We are truly trailblazing and forging new changes and new ways of doing things that involve some simple learning on how dog’s brains work, and a whole lot of fun with playing games.

From this audio book – the games-based dog training bible – you’ll learn everything you need to know about concept dog training. So, if you are either new to it or have delved into the games a little bit, and are looking for more of an explanation of the bigger picture, this book is your key.

It’s essentially the bible of how we see dog training going in future. Be part of this pioneering movement today!


BONUS Chapter 1! Training the Dog in Front of You! This chapter dives into the hows of training (not any dog) YOUR dog by adapting to what they need in that very instant!

BONUS Chapter 2! There is No Hope – Yeah Right! Everybody at some point will be told there is no hope – the thing is – there is always hope! We share on exactly this in this chapter!

BONUS Chapter 3! Starting a Career Working with Dogs! Taking the leap to a life of working with dogs is EXCITING – that’s what we dive into in this chapter, taking all the learning from the book and thinking on just how impactful it could be for YOUR life as well as your dog’s!