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Stacking BlocksStacking Blocks
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Product Information

Incorporating Stacking Blocks into your training can benefit you and your dog in a variety of ways. 

 They are a great tool for creating body awareness, balance, strength and proprioception.

 Being more aware of each of their legs and paws can help your dog to be more careful with their body, potentially reducing risk of injury while doing other strenuous exercise. 

 Teaching stacking blocks allows you to view and observe your dog as a whole and creates more stillness while in a stand position.

 Stacking blocks can also be used to grow confidence and teaching your dog to place each foot on each block is a great relationship boosting game!

 Set of 4 Blocks

Available in two sizes

Small/Medium Dogs 120mm x 90mm

Medium/Large Dogs 150 x 100mm

Colours may vary



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