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Pup 2 Perfection DVD and There's a game for that Recipe Book BundlePup 2 Perfection DVD and There's a game for that Recipe Book Bundle
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Pup2Perfection and Games Book Bundle

Did you recently get a new puppy (or rescue dog) or are you planning to, and you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to get off on the right foot? Don't worry, we have just the training bundle you need!

With our Pup2Perfection DVD, we do a deep dive into our socialisation and training process with puppies, utilising games to build up their resilience and encourage confidence in navigating the world.

This is a great resource that will give you the insight you need so that you don't feel overwhelmed!

That's where the "There's a Game for That!" Recipe Book comes in, a super starter in-depth guide to concept based dog training and how you can mould and shape your puppy’s brain by playing games! Training for the situation, rather than in the situation is going to set your puppy up for success and we’ll show you how!

The two combined are invaluable in providing you with the blueprint you need to be successful with your new canine companion! There's no need to feel lost, we have your back with this super, super bundle.

You'll have everything you need to customize and tailor your training program for your puppy to cater to their unique personality and traits, and also your lifestyle!

Dive on in! Don't miss out!

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