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Whether your dog barks and lunges, pulls on lead or your household or walks are just plain stressful right now, "There's a GAME for That!" in the Naughty but Nice DVD Digital Download! And you can start watching instantly!

Struggle with distractions? Chase? Impulse control or Reactivity?

The transformational, game-based programme for dogs that lack focus, impulse control or are reactive! The Naughty But Nice programme is a great foundation for all dogs building super focus, crazy impulse control and a seriously bombproof dog!

An Arsenal of Games

Discover the games that you can play in your lounge, your garden or at training class to transform problem into AWESOME!

Prepare Your Dog For Life! 

Arm your dog with all the skills to not only excel in companionship but to create a sports star of the future!

Principles to Practice! 

Develop an innovative understanding of dog training and behaviour all with practical demonstrations to work on today!

Handle ANY Situation! 

You are going to learn how to handle any situation that may present itself, for example when your dog reacts to another dog/traffic/person!

Develop an OPTIMISTIC Dog!

Discover the simple games and strategies that turn your dog into a super optimist, presuming everything to be great and giving you and your dog the confidence to reach your team’s potential

Struggle to Strength! 

Turn reactive to bombproof, worrier to confident, delinquent to focussed, out-of-control to enviable self-control!

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