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Naughty But Nice™ Core ProgrammeNaughty But Nice™ Core Programme
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Do you want to make sure your dog has all the essential skills to be happy, calm and confident in all situations? 
Do you want to help your dog to learn that new and novel things are nothing to worry about?
Are you starting to see a behaviour struggle in your dog?
Are you a bit lost as to where to start with your puppy or new rescue dog?
You may have heard of our term to describe a dog who is a barking, lunging mess at the end of the leash, who is fearful of new situations, who lacks confidence, who struggles to settle, who doesn’t have that off-switch. 
We call these dogs Naughty But Nice dogs! If we unpack the behaviours struggles that encompass Naughty But Nice dogs, really every dog has the potential to be one. 
What you need is our mini course – Naughty But Nice Core – to arm your dog with the skills so that those behaviour struggles simply never crop up! All taught through 3 minute games which are so fun, you and your dog will LOVE them! This is a perfect foundation for a dog new to games training!
Be pro-active! Don’t wait for the problem, start solution seeking now!

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