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Free Yourself from the GUILT and Frustration of your dog Not Listening, Pulling on Lead & Stressful Walks...with a System of Ten 3-Minute Games that has Already Transformed Thousands.

We felt the guilt and frustration too and hated the ways in which it limited the freedom, choices and FUN that we wanted to have with our dogs which lead us to getting our dogs in the first place...

...but also we saw that Tom as a veterinarian and Lauren as a dog agility competitor at the time, the scary side of your dog not listening to you - road traffic accidents, livestock scaring, missing dogs!

This lead us on a journey to drill down to the core elements that create enviable reliability and focus when you go for a walk, when you leave the gate to the yard open or your ability to retrieve your dog at the park!

In this DVD program of 10 games, we walk you through the 10-step game formula to reliability on- and off-lead!

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