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Teaching your dog to foot target is a great skill to teach your dog and will help to grow your dog's:

* Body awareness/proprioception/body balance
* Ability to be able to think and do
* Foundation for agility contact training, obedience skills and other dog sports 
* Confidence & Optimism
* Flexibility 
* Grit to try and keep problem solving
* Understanding of foot placement and target training
* Independence
*......and so much more

Our super snazzy foot targets come in a variety of colours and are made from Epdm Rubber Granules

They measure 30cm x 30cm  and are a nice size to take with you anywhere whether you are training in your house, out in the garden or out and about. 

Teaching foot targeting is a fun game to play with so many benefits whether you own a pet dog or a sports dog teaching this skill is a great all-rounder. 
Not sure how to teach your dog to use a foot target? We've got that covered! You will also receive a free digital training guide.
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