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Have you just got, or are you about to introduce a new super cute puppy or adolescent dog to your house?

Do you want to help with:

  • Home-schooling your puppy
  • Household manners – being ok in the house, how to tackle nipping, biting, growing calmness and toileting
  • Inspiring great behaviours
  • On-lead behaviour – for when you venture out – stress free walks, core concepts and lessons that underpin this before you step outside
  • Off-lead behaviour - how you can be successful with your dog choosing you over the environment & choosing to hang out with you instead

Having a puppy is so exciting, but it can also be overwhelming at times.  This standalone digital mini course will prepare you for EVERYTHING you need when introducing a new puppy to your house whether they are going to be the only dog, or whether you are introducing them to dogs you already have.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through all the games to train your puppy. We cover it all, leaving you feeling like a super-hero puppy owner!

The best part? You will get LIFETIME access to this course so you can keep checking in and seeing the amazing progress you and your newest addition are making!

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