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Getting it right from the start when it comes to your puppy will make for an easier road ahead as they grow and develop into an adult dog. One of the most crucial concepts to teach puppies is the value in close proximity. Teaching your puppy that being close to you is super fun and MANY awesome things happen when they are close is key.

A leash can become somewhat of a crutch when it comes to training a puppy, it becomes relied upon very quickly and can give the illusion that a puppy wants to be close, but then the minute that leash comes off they are gone! We love training our puppies off leash from day one, however we know that puppies will be puppies and as part of their training, management of their choices is really key. That is where our super WOW Absolute Dogs branded puppy lines come in!

By popping this lightweight 2 metre puppy line onto a harness it means that you can have fun playing games that grow value in being close to you (this is the secret to your recall by the way!) and also manage what choices your puppy makes.

Have a puppy line as part of your training toolkit is one sure fire way to set your puppy up for success!


Available at £6 each or 3 for £15

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