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Product Information

Do you have recall struggles? Are your walks currently stressful because your dog simply doesn’t listen to you when you call?

Part of training is management and when it comes to off leash struggles a super addition to your training toolkit is a long line.

A long line helps you to bridge the gap between your dog being on leash to being able to enjoy some off leash freedom. It helps you to set your dog up for success, you are safe in the knowledge that if your dog chooses to make an inappropriate choice you have the long line there as back up to help limit rehearsal of what you don’t want.

To get you started on the road to dog training success, if you are currently facing off leash struggles, coupled with the long line, we would highly recommend that you check out our standalone digital mini course, 21 Days to Stress Free Walks. This course is packed full of games that boost your dog’s engagement on you and disengagement from those distractions (like those pesky squirrels!!) that the environment throws at them.

Our long lines are made from biothane and come in 5 different snazzy, cool colours. They are 5 metres long and come in two different width sizes; 15mm and 20mm.


£18 Each or you can order two for £30 !


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