The Reactivity Symposium LIVE event



  • brand new

DATE: 2023 TBC

TIME: TBC (with one hour break for lunch)

PLACE: Online (link will be emailed nearer the time)


  • 4 hours of LIVE learning on Reactivity (yours to keep forever)
  • Downloadable Resources
  • £50 of credit to spend on digital items in the online AbsoluteDOGS store


This one day LIVE event will be hosted by AbsoluteDogs creators, innovators and dog training extraordinaries Dr Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman.

Dog abandonment is on the rise. Rescues are at bursting point. 

Owners are being told their dogs are beyond help and being labelled as reactive ‘for life’

But who is applying these labels? Friends? Family? Your Vet? Even your Dog Trainer?


These are the labels that other people are putting on you and your dog because of their limitations and THEIR beliefs. YOU do NOT have to accept that. You can CHOOSE something else.

We want to show you that ALL dogs are capable of learning new skills to live full and happy lives. With less stress and more joy. With less reactivity and more calmness.

Whether your dog:

  • Barks and lunges at other dogs and/or people
  • Struggles to settle
  • Reacts to noises
  • Reacts to movement
  • Reacts to EVERYTHING!

This is going to be the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve created challenges and courses, but NEVER anything like this before.  

A LIVE event totally dedicated to Reactivity is new for us – and in true AbsoluteDOGS style we will make sure that all of our new and latest learning is included and is BURSTING at the seams so that you have every available tool and more to combat your dog’s reactivity.

What you get

  • 4 hours of LIVE learning online over Zoom that you can keep forever.
  • Training tools and techniques for 2023 that we are teaching dog owners in our consults and classes right now.
  • Additional downloadable resources.
  • £50 worth of credit to spend on digital courses/books in the AbsoluteDOGS store! (or equivalent in your currency at the time of exchange)
  • Simply sign up now and the course badge will appear on your training screen. Or as a new customer you will receive your dedicated login to your training space.


I’ve already done the 7 day Reactivity Challenge and Bootcamps – would this be good for me?

YES! This is additional bonus learning that will complement everything you’ve already learned. This is PERFECT for you.

My dog isn’t really reactive? They bark a lot around the house and get really overexcited when we have visitors over – will this help with that?

ABSOLUTELY! Reactivity is such a broad ‘label’ that it means so many things. When your dog reacts in an ‘inappropriate’ way, be that barking, lunging, humping, jumping up etc – it’s all reactive behaviour that more often than not you would rather your dog didn’t do! We will help you get to the bottom of those behaviours and flip them on their head for a cool, calm and collected dog.

I’ve seen behaviourists and trainers already about my dogs reactivity and I feel like I’ve exhausted all the options! Is there really anything more I can learn?

We know that once you’ve spent the day with us, you’ll find that piece of the puzzle that’s been missing all this time. We have many students that come to us having worked through numerous trainers and behaviourists. Those trainers simply reached the limit of their learning. We don’t have a limit! 

How will the £50 of store credit work?

After the course date we will email you a £50 coupon code that only you can use to put towards one of our digital courses or ebooks in the AD Store. If you are in another country the credit will be calculated in your currency at checkout. There are courses in just about every discipline from scent work to agility, and covering many behaviour struggles such as reactivity to pulling on lead! The coupon cannot be used against physical products.