The “Like A Pro” 14-Day Challenge



Whether you crave more knowledge to take your dog training to the next level with your own dog, or you dream of becoming a professional trainer – this challenge is for you! 

Over 14 days you will learn:

  • Why your dog does the things they do!
  • The difference between trainer types (with a deep dive into our training style – concept training)
  • How to get quick and easy wins for you and your dog 
  • Geeky dives into your dog’s brain (with our Veterinary Behaviourist Tom)
  • Body language (what it is and what it isn’t!)
  • Which games to play with your dogs that are fun and solve the most common behaviour struggles.

On completion you’ll have the key foundations of what it takes to become a Pro Trainer for your own dog, the ability to boost those transformations, as well as start your journey to becoming a professional trainer (if you decide that’s the path you want to take)

Who is this course for?

  • Dog owners who want to take their training journey to that next level and learn how to train their dogs JUST like one of the  Pros.
  • Anyone that has a love of dogs and a love of learning.
  • Anyone who is interested in becoming a Professional Trainer, or already is, and who wants to enhance their skills and learning.

This is a digital online course – meaning instant and lifetime access without paying for shipping or waiting for it to arrive!