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The Academies

From: £10.00

£30.00 / month
£10.00 / month

The Academies

✔️ The Games Club Membership with optional add-on Agility Academy

✔️ Your one-stop affordable and innovative dog training resource for all your dog training struggles including bonus programmes and courses

✔️ Recommended by Veterinarians and Behaviourists around the world

✔️ 8000+ members worldwide

Games Club
Membership (£30/$40 per month)

The AbsoluteDOGS Games Club is an online membership site that provides you with a library of dog training games and resources to solve all of your dog training struggles. 

Created by AbsoluteDOGS founders Dr Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman who set out to make dog training more accessible and affordable, all whilst proving that real life results can be obtained without force through the power of 3 minute games. 

Passionate about transforming relationships between owner and dog, between them they make dog behaviour easy to understand and exciting to learn! 

Step-by-step videos will show you how to play games that your dog will LOVE. Transforming struggles such as pulling on lead, recall, reactivity and so, so many more – we’ve got you covered on every level!

New games are added weekly and your membership includes a whole host of other benefits such as LIVE weekly talks, additional bonus courses and more!

Your membership is totally flexible. Pay monthly with no tie ins so you can cancel anytime


Library of over 300 Games and Resources 

New lessons and resources added weekly

Calm Course (normal cost £147/$197)

12-step video course with downloadable planner and eBook

Boundary Games Course (normal cost £20.99/$44.49)

14-step video course with bonus boundary games webinar and eBook 

Nifty Solutions (exclusive to TA)

Puppy Training with Lauren’s young collie Nifty – showing you how to grow your pup into an amazing young dog – updated monthly including training videos and downloadable resources

Stop Barking Programme (normal cost £27/$36)

11-part step-by-step video course

Stop Jumping Programme (normal cost £27/$36)

16-part step-by-step video course

Stop Pulling Programme (normal cost £27/$36)

13-part step-by-step video course

Super Trainer Live Archives (exclusive to TA and STL ticket holders)

Recordings from our annual 3 day dog training  extravaganza events

Games Club Facebook Group

Private supportive and uplifting group for GC members only

LIVE weekly talks in the Facebook Group

Join Tom & Lauren for weekly training talks

Exclusive promotions for GC members throughout the year
Step-by-step guides on how to create your personalised training programme and games playlists

ADD ON the Agility Academy for JUST £10/$15 per month

The Agility Academy Membership (£10/$15 a month)

Used by hundreds of professional Agility Competitors and beginners alike, it’s an Agility Training membership like no other! You’ll have everything you need to set your dog up for Agility success, no matter whether you aiming for at home fun with your dog, or the empowering joy of winning together in the Agility ring!.


Learn Agility Foundations in easy-to-understand step-by-step training videos with Agility Champion Lauren Langman.

Nail those skills to jump and weave like the pros in no time!

Fun skills to build your relationship with your dog whilst helping them to remain fit and healthy.


Handling 101 will perfect your handling skills with Lauren’s keen eye and tips and tricks.

Our fly-on-the-wall module goes behind-the-scenes to see top Agility Instructors in action with Lauren and her dogs, troubleshooting contacts, start line waits, barking and more!


Over 120 Instructional Training Videos with new content added weekly, covering the following modules:

  • Fly On the Wall
  • Sports Foundation
  • Handler 101
  • The Canine Athlete
  • Jump Skills
  • Contacts and Weaves
  • Resourcefulness 

Puppy Pathways (exclusive to Agility Academy Members)

Starting your puppy the right way with our 8 stages filmed over 8 months of puppy training. A comprehensive training course to take your puppy through every stage of their learning. Videos covering:

  • Puppy Play
  • How and why you need to create an optimistic puppy
  • Building proximity as they grow
  • Travelling with your Puppy
  • Puppy Toilet Training
  • Getting your pup set for future sports dog success
  • Socialising and more!