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    Training Academy

    Consistently, effectively and innovatively paying into your relationship bank account with your dog in a world with constant time constraints and concerns about restricting your dog can be a huge challenge and, what’s more, the cost of conventional dog training that doesn’t work can run into the thousands!

    Training Academy flips this on its head – a crazily  affordable online membership site that provides you with weekly GAMES in the areas that we have found to be the formula for dog training and relationship success.

    It runs just like Netflix – no minimum subscription and you can cancel any time!

    Agility Academy

    In a super cool unique weekly format, the Agility Academy covers everything AGILITY!

    For both beginners starting with their first agility dog, as well as skilled competitors desiring a library

    of agility games and insights at their disposal, the Agility Academy has an immense SEVEN learning 

    streams, providing a focused stream for handler skills, as well as developing and growing your canine athlete (physically, mentally, skilfully) to become the best team possible!

    A monthly subscription service designed to empower you as a learner of this amazing sport, Agility Academy is the destination resource for agility enthusiasts and competitors.