STL 2021 Badge Bundle




    5 courses. Lifetime access. EPIC savings of over £450!

    • absoluteConfidence
    • 30 Days of Fitness
    • Agility Foundations
    • Scent Success
    • absoluteTerrier 

    The learning is never done. It’s a never-ending, spectacularly fun journey full of 3-minute games, training insights and more. 

    Whether it’s growing your dog’s confidence (this bundle is full of confidence building!), employing your dog so that they rehearse desirable behaviours rather than those naughty, undesirable behaviours that have you affectionately calling them “Naughty but Nice”, we have it all, right here, for you. 

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    *The content within each of these courses offer unique games, familiar games with new perspectives and approaches that take them to a completely different level and bonus learning that tailors the knowledge and learning to the course itself, and to that experience… All footage is new and the games reflect what is needed for the dog in front of you.* 


    Many dogs have an inner terrier looking to dig their way out – those are the dogs that are tenacious, persistent, sensitive to handling and more. They love to hunt, to seek and to find.

    Scent Success

    With an element of police dog foundation, this learning focuses on building desire and commitment to the task – employing your dog so that they are using a skill they already have mastered in a way that truly enriches their mind and tires their body. Great for NBN dogs, dogs lacking confidence, dogs that struggle in new environments, puppies still learning to explore the world and more. 

    Agility Foundations

    This course is for every dog and every owner, regardless of whether you intend to compete or focus on fun and connection with your dog… this is the foundation you need for any sport and most especially, agility. 

    30 Days of Fitness

    Get ready to help your dog be their best physical self. They’re already adorable and wonderfully made. Every dog is a canine athlete, no matter what they do every day. Fitness is essential to their well-being and can help to prevent injury. Fitness grows confidence, prepares a dog for sports training, hiking and day-to-day life with YOU, their very amazing owner. Give your dog the gift of fitness. 


    For dogs lacking confidence, puppies that need an extra boost or for dogs that just love having a good time. No matter your dog’s age, breed, or size there’s a game for them! Encourage confidence in your canine with a foundation of confidence growing games that will absolutely transform their behaviour in such a wonderful way!