Relationship Success!



Understand your dog and level up your relationship with super strategies and solutions for transformational real-life results!

Do you struggle with your dog’s behaviour?

  • Reactivity, barking and lunging
  • Jumping on guests or biting your clothes
  • Lack of recall when out and about
  • Pulling on lead and checking out the environment on walks – forgetting you even exist

Maybe you don’t ‘gel’ together like you imagined when you first welcomed them into your home?

Have you ever watched another dog and their owner and envied the bond and understanding they appear to share? 

You know the ones – the dogs you see doting on every word their owner says? The ones that when the owner says “Jump!” the dog says “How high?”

Well, that’s not pure luck! It’s ALL about relationship. 

It’s about nurturing, growing and investing value into the bond between a dog and their human – and we like to call that the Relationship Bank Account.

Yep, that’s right! You and your dog share a joint bank account, with deposits (good things!) and withdrawals (not-so-great things!) coming in and out of it as you interact with each other throughout each and every day of your life together. 

Building an awesome relationship with your dog is SO vital! 

In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s the most important part of everything we do here at absoluteDOGS.

In fact, it’s why we created our Relationship Success course, because a rich and rock-solid relationship with your dog not only creates strong foundations for your training and daily life, but it creates what you always wanted. A best friend. A companion. The realisation of your dog-owning dream.


  • The Relationship Bank Account you share with your dog
  • How you can invest in that all-important account
  • How to tackle and minimise withdrawals
  • How to skyrocket YOUR value so that your dog sees you as the very best deal in any environment
  • How to enhance your relationship with your dog through the power of 3-minute games
  • How to level up your training and create a rock-solid foundation for your relationship with your dog

Ultimately, relationship is the secret sauce which is going to take you from wherever you are now to your dog-owning dream. 

It’s just the beginning, and yet it’s THE KEY to resolving any and all training struggles, whether you’re facing barking, jumping, pulling, reactivity and so much more!

If you want to learn how your relationship with your dog is the secret sauce for training transformation success and how to invest in that all-important bank account and save up a lifetime of relationship value (with interest!), then this is THE course for you!