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Pro Dog Trainer Geek

Geek is our 10-week programme for those of you that want MORE!

An additional 57 intensive lessons with the science and terminology needed to take you to the next level.  Learn how to unpack all of that science and put it into an easy-to-share framework with students.

It’s a bit like University for dog behaviour (but without the price tag!)

We know that even when dealing with what can feel like the most complex of dog behaviours, concept training is always at the very heart of every solution. But when things get complex you need someone to help you pick apart the problem and find out where the gaps are before you put it all back together.

This is where Geek comes in. Whether your dog has complex struggles, or you LOVE the idea of Geeking out over the behavioural consultation side of things, or you want to add it to your skillset as part of your business, then you will LOVE Geek!

Lessons include:

Stress response – what stress is, what it does, why dogs need it and the impact it has on behaviour.

Creating a Behaviour Plan – completing 121s, how to create a plan, what a bottleneck is and how to overcome it to get transformations.

Dog-Dog Interaction  – Interpreting body language, what it should look like and how to overcome those struggles in all types of situations.

Health, Hormones and Neurology – When to consider health and what to do about it.

Separation Related Behaviours – What’s affecting it, how to solve it and create a personalised plan.

Resource Guarding – How to approach it, why it’s more complex than you think and which approach to take.

Multidog Households – Management, what to look out for, and how to bring your knowledge together to make the right choices for a peaceful house.

Noise Response and Reactivity – What to look for, what the ‘typical’ advice is, why that doesn’t work and how you can plan for it.

Chase – What causes it, the two-step system overview and the emergency safety net.

Complex Behaviours – Challenging cases and abnormal repetitive behaviour that usually cost owners ££££££ in professional fees, solvable with our proven formula.