Pro Dog Trainer Club

From: $85.00 / month


🤩What do you get in Club?🤩

  • Access to 4 Learning Streams with brand-new content released weekly
    • Knowledge Week – geeky deep dives!
    • Instructor Skills Week – skill yourself up as a Pro Dog Trainer and instructor (super insightful even for dog owners too!)
    • Demo Dog Week – Supporting your demo dog (and own dog) in the best way possible in every situation
    • Resourcefulness – Resources, handouts, client handouts, eBooks and more to support your learning and your client’s learning
  • Training Academy (included! Any monthly recurring fees will not continue during your Club Membership)
  • Agility Academy (included! Any monthly recurring fees will not continue during your Club Membership)
    • Great for offering insight to your clients, as well as growing and developing your dog with skills that are agility-focused but transferable to many desired skills.
  • Puppy Pathways (included with Agility Academy)
    • 8 monthly instalments that are powerful and follow the journey of two young sports dogs from puppyhood to through adolescence for an entire year!
  • Boundary Games (as a Training Academy Bonus)
  • Calm (as a Training Academy Bonus)
  • PDT Course Upgrades at no cost to you!
  • If you’ve purchased Geek, you’ll also receive all Geek upgrades at no cost!
  • AND biweekly Facebook lives focused on Knowledge with Tom and Resourcefulness with Lauren (these are the creme de la creme of lives!)
  • The ability to get video assessed, with one free video assessment included in your Club membership.

For only £65/$85 monthly or annually for £650/$850, with one single payment that includes EVERYTHING, you can’t go wrong!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does the Club cost and is it a monthly or annual subscription? 

You can pay for the Club in two ways; 

  1. Monthly – Which cost £65/$85 for as long as you wish to remain an active subscriber (which we know will be a long time!) 
  2. Annually – This costs £650/$850 a year, which works out as saving the cost of 2 months when compared to the monthly option!

What is included?

It might be easier to say what’s not included in the Pro Dog Trainer Club, but included in the Pro Dog Trainer Club you get; 

The amazing Pro Dog Trainer Club library, which is growing weekly with amazing inspirational content

And, included as bonuses you also get; 

  1. Continued and updated access to your Pro Dog Trainer Badge (including Fusion and Geek if you have done these) 
  2. Continued access to the Training Academy, including it’s bonuses – Calm and Boundary Games!
  3. The Agility Academy plus, Puppy Pathways which is an epic badge covering Tokyo’s first 8 months to becoming an Agility rockstar! 
  4. Ongoing access to the DVD library and our mini courses. 

What is the difference between the Club and PDT/GEEK/FUSION?

The Pro Dog Trainer Club is the next level to our learning. It takes everything you have learnt from the Pro Dog Trainer, Fusion and Geek courses and elevates it. 

This is the space for on-going professional and personal development. 

When can I join the Club?

Have you passed your Pro Dog Trainer Assessment? THEN RIGHT NOW!! 

If you are an active Pro Dog Trainer the doors are open to you until your PDT expires (a year from sign up!). You can jump in this very moment and say yes to yourself, your dog and your futures! 

Can I cancel at anytime? 

Yes, although we are certain you won’t want to. If you do decide to cancel you just need to drop the Ask Team an email at and they will process this for you.

I am not a dog trainer, is the Club still the right place for me? 


We have people from all walks of life in the Pro Dog Trainer Club from Dog working professional such as Trainers, Groomers, Walkers and Sitters, and Veterinarians to people who work outside of the dog world – Writers, Analysts, Scientists, Admin Managers and engineers. 

Do you have a love of learning? Do you want to be the very best owner for your dog? 

The Club is the right place for you.

Does it have a dedicated Facebook group?

Of course! The Pro Dog Trainer Club Facebook group is an insanely special, motivational and safe space where Tom and Lauren will go live twice a month to top up your learning. 

As with our other groups, this is a space that only Pro Dog Trainer Club members are able to join which means you will be able to discuss your training wins, struggles and the learning with people just like you! 


You lose nothing, and you gain everything!

More Information!

PDT Club – Learning Streams

Knowledge Week

Our deep dives go even deeper in this super learning stream devoted to taking your knowledge to the next level! Become the source of all knowledge with these innovative deep dives into every topic imaginable, meant to strengthen your foundation and give you access to more in-depth fundamental learning that will transform your approach with your clients (and your own dogs!). 

Demo Dog Week

Wow! Growing and developing a stellar demo dog isn’t always an easy task – and ultimately, the most important component, is making sure that when the need arises you have both prepared your dog for the situation and you’re also advocating for them every step of the way. In this learning stream, we dive into troubleshooting with your demo dog, focusing on key behaviours essential to the work they do, and practical skills to not only develop them into a master demo dog that exemplifies concept training, but also a pretty awesome pet dog! 

Resourcefulness Week

In this amazing learning stream, we are doing the work for you, providing you with exclusive resources to top up your learning as a Pro Dog Trainer, but also in providing your clients with resources! That’s exciting, isn’t it? Whether the resource is focused on your development as a trainer, your dog’s development as an amazing part of your team, or your client’s understanding and growth – we’ve got your back! We’re all about resourcefulness, and you will not want to miss out on these snazzy solutions! 

Instructor Skills Week

Ever just wanted to be a fly on the wall in another instructors class, just to build your comfort in handling the ins and outs of being an awesome instructor for your amazing students? This is it, the learning stream you’ve been waiting for! Navigate tricky class situations or even get to watch and observe as the magic takes place. Learn all of the nuances of running a streamlined class that supports your learners and their dogs and enables them to truly focus on their transformation! Whether it’s how to run a 1-2-1 or a group class, we give you sneak peaks into management and leadership strategies that have proven to be successful time and time again!