Naughty But Nice Bootcamps

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$144.00 / month for 3 months

NBN Bootcamp: Reactivity

Do you own a barking, lunging, or distracted dog and are looking for next level learning?

Look no further! We are well known all over the world for our reactive dog transformations… Naughty but Nice dogs are dogs that are reactive and need our help to overcome their behaviour struggles. We are here to guide you every step of the way through your dog’s out of control, to in control transformation.

We have put together a 3-week Bootcamp that includes an additional week as a preliminary BONUS! That’s right… 4 WEEKS of content that not only will boost your knowledge and understanding of your reactive dog; this unique programme designed for reactive dogs will take you on a deep dive into game changing solutions.

With our guidance, you can do anything! And that includes embracing real-life results on your barking, lunging, reactivity transformation path!

NBN Bootcamp: Household Manners

Does your dog destroy things in the house? Do they bark at everyone that comes to visit, or perhaps instead of barking, they jump up with an enthusiasm that isn’t always well met?

Make your dog owning dream a reality with our 3-week transformation boot camp focused on Household Manners. Having a harmonious household doesn’t have to be a thing you dream about… Transform it into a “Remember when…?” and change your dog’s daily story into one of “He’s so calm!” and “What a well-behaved dog!” There is hope!

As an added bonus, we have also provided an additional week as a preliminary bonus! That’s 4 weeks of content, 4 weeks of household harmony success strategies! It’s time to take control of the controllable! Your dog’s transformation is just around the corner!

NBN Bootcamp: Off-Leash Freedom

When your dog doesn’t listen, doesn’t come when called, and doesn’t know you exist if you take them off-lead, it can be frustrating…

Why does that frustration have to remain a never-ending cycle of disappointment and helplessness? With our 3-week Off-Leash Freedom bootcamp developed for the dogs in our lives that we love (and who also drive us crazy at times!), you can achieve your off-leash freedom vision.

Don’t just imagine it! Make it happen! This bootcamp is going to take your relationship with your dog to a whole other level! Achieve a reliable recall and truly liberating off-leash freedom with the tools we share combining both practical and theory, that will give you everything you need to make your off-leash struggles a distant memory.

With an added week (that’s 4 weeks!) of learning, there’s nothing to lose and only real-life results and an amazing transformation to gain.


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