Motivation & Desire




Motivation and desire are skills that are incredibly valuable to teach dogs. 

Motivation and desire might come to mind when thinking of sports and working dogs, but teaching your pet dog motivation and desire will help with everyday life and create a dog that is willing and ready to train and will take their engagement to a pro level.

Most dogs have motivation and desire for something – just usually not the things we want! We will show you how to harness that struggle.

If you’ve got a dog that:

  • Is lacking motivation in any area of training/play
  • Is more motivated by what’s happening in the world than by what’s happening with you!
  • Finds rewards – not very rewarding!
  • Gives up when you start to add control to your training
  • Needs a top up of food or toy motivation (you can never have enough!)

Then this is for you!

Working in person with our students dogs this online training course will take you step by step through

the games you need to teach to bring that desire and motivation into your dog’s life.

It’s a magical ingredient that supercharges your results and you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before!

Some examples of what you’ll find….

FOMO – Fear of missing out. Something we talk about as being a behaviour struggle but actually – could this be something we could use as a strength for your dog to increase that motivation and desire?

Quick Games for Motivation – How to have fun and build desire in a super short time

Adding control – it’s a crucial point in your training – when and how is the best way to do it?

Missing – How getting your dog to miss can be motivating – but how many misses is too much for your dog before they give up?

This course is suitable for all types and breeds of dog. Jump in and see what motivation and desire can do to transform your training today!