Agility Academy

Agility Academy is the destination resource for Agility you’ve been waiting for!

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The agility Academy

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Are you an agility enthusiast? A seasoned agility competitor? Or someone that doesn’t quite know where they fit, because it looks fun, but you aren’t sure competition is in your future? With Agility Academy, there is strength in foundation that any level team can enjoy and benefit from, as well as the progression in safely navigating this amazing agility journey together with your dog, the champion of your heart. In this uniquely formatted agility subscription service, you are provided with a new video every week in which the focus will follow seven different learning streams! That’s right, SEVEN incredible, agility-focused learning streams that will provide you with the ultimate agility education! Are you intrigued?

In SEVEN learning streams that target specific areas of focus in agility, you get to immerse yourself in an agility experience you’ll find nowhere else.

Be a Fly on the Wall as you watch experienced dogs and competitors train together, as they navigate agility training challenges and bring you into their sessions. The insight and lightbulb moments here are transformational!

Grow your Sports Foundations with deep-dives, as well as instructional videos on foundation learning that will set you and your dog up for success as you focus on skills and concepts that every agility team can use to help them reach their full potential and to provide clarity in their agility foundation.

Many of us recognize our flaws as our dog’s handler, and just as much as our dog needs to hone and grow skills, so do we! In Handler 101 learn how to best support your dog and to streamline your own handling and mechanics to communicate effectively. We also dive into teaching dogs handling skills, too! You will learn how to use games to enhance your agility connection with your dog, to make your runs more efficient based on the needs of your team, and you’ll learn how to be the best partner you can be! This truly is the ultimate agility experience!

This brings us to the next learning stream, where we focus on The Canine Athlete. What can you do to support your canine athlete to optimise their performance and to safeguard and protect them to make sure that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for the sport of agility? From the ground up, we support you in growing your agility prospect and making sure they’re ready when you are.

We couldn’t leave out something as critical as Jump Skills week, so much so that Jump Skills have their own learning stream, where we explore just how to magnify the qualities needed to streamline a dog’s agility performance, invariably affected by their ability to take jumps that will allow for them to a) be safe b) be efficient c) prepare for the next obstacle or jump on the course. We teach you the how, the why, and the when!

Contacts and Weaves are just as critical to master in agility as Jump Skills. Both contacts and weaves require strategies to create speed and confidence, while also maintaining safety and encouraging your Canine Athlete to perform optimally, while also being clean in how they navigate the obstacles, fast, responsive, and committed. We cover everything you need to know about preparing your dog for these agility obstacles… you’re going to love it!

In Resourcefulness week you’ll JUMP WITH JOY at the resources we provide you that offer you additional support covering all learning streams and more, with visual aids, course blueprints, diagrams for your setups, and everything you need to know (AND SEE) that will help your team be as successful as possible, including top tips on courses – remembering them, walking them, and understanding them!

The learning never ends… and we will be with you every step of the way. Agility Academy is the destination resource for Agility you’ve been waiting for… and we are so excited to bring it to you so conveniently that you can access it from anywhere.