"My senior dog loves the fitness badge."
Amanda C

30 Days of Fitness

Action-packed, zero-to-hero deep-dive into all things canine fitness is just for you!



Every dog in the world is a canine athlete. No matter your dog’s age, breed, or daily lifestyle, physical fitness is just as important for dogs as it is for their humans.  

Fitness contributes so much to your dog’s overall lifestyle and forms a vital part of any dog’s daily life. Fitness can help a young dog build their strength as they grow. It can improve the quality of life for an elderly dog, whether they struggle with mobility or you are just looking to keep them active and healthy in their senior years. 

Having a balanced fitness lifestyle is also a super way to keep your dog’s mind and body enriched and help them avoid injuries, as well as building proprioception and body awareness AND fitness provides so many super health benefits too! 

Are you new to the world of canine fitness and want to set your dog up on the right path? Are you looking for a step-by-step guide to creating a flexible and adaptable fitness programme for your sports or companion dog?

Do you have a reactive dog and you are looking for exercise alternatives because walks and being in the outside world is just too stretching right now?

Introducing 30 Days to Fitness!

This BRAND NEW and action-packed, zero-to-hero deep-dive into all things canine fitness is just for you! Whether you are just starting out with canine fitness, or you’re a fitness pro, this 30 day course is going to take you on an immense learning journey and set you and your canine athlete up for a lifetime of health and success!

This amazing course dives into:

  • What fitness is and how it’s suitable for ALL breeds of dog!
  • Why fitness is vital for every dog – no matter their age or activity level!
  • How to create a balanced fitness programme for your dog, from strength and cardio to flexibility and proprioceptive ability – and of course the all-important warm ups and cool downs!
  • Top tips on diet, nutrition, massage and setting your household up to be a safe fitness environment for your dog!
  • AND how you can give your play purpose and boost your dog’s fitness at the same time!

PLUS by jumping into this fabulous fitness learning journey, not only do you get lifetime access to work through the everything at your own pace, you also get:

  • Bonus Q&A sessions full of training tips that can help you get on the right path with your dog’s fitness.
  • AND bonus fly-on-the-wall learning included with every lesson, where you can watch other owners and their canine athletes work through the exercises and games live and receive real-life feedback from instructors Tom and Lauren!

What more can we say… Fitness really is KING!

It’s all ready and waiting for you right inside this course – right at your fingertips! So what are you waiting for? Kick start your dog’s fitness journey today!