"I have MANY badges and we really enjoyed Recall Rescue."
Christina V

30 Day Recall Rescue

Discover the secrets to unlock off-leash freedom with your dog, no matter their breed, size or age!



“Come! Come here! Hey!! Where are you going?”

Does your dog barely flick an ear your way when you call them? 

When faced with a squirrel, kangaroo, deer or other critters, do they take off without giving one thought to whether they should stay and hang out with you?

Do you dream of being able to unclip the lead without having to scan the environment in every direction just to make sure it’s void of any distractions? 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the struggle of getting your dog AWAY from you rather than chasing them down as they go on their version of an off-leash adventure (that is only fun for them but leaves you panicked and frustrated!)?

Get a dog that will:

  • Hunt you down because you’re the centre of the party they call life
  • Seek you out no matter the distractions because WITH YOU is where they want to be
  • Offer incredible focus out and about and not just in your living room or garden
  • Choose you over the deer, squirrel or strange dog or person further down the path
  • Become more reliable in their recall with a whiplash turn to you when they hear their name

It’s all here in the 30-Day Recall Rescue Badge. Discover the secrets to unlock off-leash freedom with your dog, no matter their breed, size or age! No matter their history, begin your journey to a reliable recall with our 30-Day Recall Rescue course. 

In 30 days, with a game unlocked daily, it’s time to rehabilitate (or build) the reliable recall of your dreams and turn it into an amazing and EPIC reality of off-leash freedom. If your dog has a history of taking off, bolting out the door or disregarding their name when distractions are around, this is the course for you. Rebuild your recall from the ground up with tried-and-true games that are fun, easy and effective.

Your dog will want to be wherever you are! Get lifetime access to the content and take your time as you work through 30 games that will supercharge your dog’s recall.