Easily Teach Your Dog to Choose YOU over any Distraction

In Just 25 Fun Days With The...

And We Mean ANY Distraction - Not Just Squirrels!

'THE SQUIRREL' is every possible distraction your dog might come across and find more interesting than listening to you...

✅ the half-eaten hamburger

✅ the kid playing football

✅ the postman

✅ the hoover

✅ the fox poo

✅ the OTHER DOG!

…they’re all “THE SQUIRREL”

The Squirrel follows us around everywhere, on every walk and even at HOME!

 How do we make ourselves...


We get it, it’s not easy! We were there too when we got our first dog. We know exactly what it feels like. Maybe you had one of these thoughts…

“If I don’t fix this, who will?”

”Will it be like this forever?”

 “Maybe this just how it is with my dog. He’s beyond help. Everyone’s told me.”

 “Maybe I’m just not the right human for my dog… because he just won’t listen to anything I say”


There is a way, and that way is:


Games are super easy and fun BUT they’re super effective too!

Most conventional dog training involves putting your dog in ‘the situation’ and trying to convince them that the ‘outcome’ YOU want...

is the outcome THEY want.

That might involve bribing them, or heavy discipline, or even punishment!

Games are different!

Games shape the dog’s brain so that eventually when they’re faced with that same situation, the outcome is automatically what you BOTH want!

The more fun, optimism and happiness we can pay into our doggie relationship bank account, the further away 'THE SQUIRREL' becomes.

Because games teach our dog that WE are the most fun and interesting thing around, not 'THE SQUIRREL'! 


Lauren Langman is a dog trainer, author and world level competitor in the crazy fast-paced dog sport of agility.
She also owns and runs a highly successful dog training centre of excellence in Devon, UK. 


Tom Mitchell is a veterinarian, behaviourist, dog trainer and author who brings science and passion to his work.

He’s a standard poodle guy who loves to use his whiteboard and gets a kick out of helping people. 


Back in March 2020 they started the Worldwide “Sexier Than a Squirrel” Dog Training Challenge to help their students and other dog owners home-school their dogs during the first lock down. 
Since then over 80,000 dog owners have taken part and completely transformed their relationships with their dogs in just 25 days.


  • Access to the online portal so you can play from anywhere in the world

  • A games demonstration every day for 25 days (plus 5 bonus days!)

  • Learning on WHY the game works and HOW to implement it in your home, including the way your dog’s brain works too!

  • ​​Troubleshooting you can observe with different breeds, with feedback from instructors, Tom and Lauren

  • ​​​Lifetime access to the course! 


  • Incredible, made for you resources to streamline the learning process for you

  • A supportive dedicated Facebook group where 80,000+ Gamechangers will celebrate and cheer you on as you experience win after win! 

  • Facebook Lives in the group that dive into the learning even more in depth and that help to jumpstart your success each and every single day

  • ​Training that can help you get on the right path to overcoming any dog training struggle…