How to Create Your Unique TA Affiliate Link

Create Your Link to Share With Your Clients

The doors to the Training Academy are closed. All public advertising must be inactive during this time.

You can sign your students and clients up to the Training Academy by private invitation only. You can share your link with your clients who you have been discussing the Training Academy with by email, text message, direct message via social media, Whats App etc. Mass marketing, email campaigns and any adverts on public forums must be taken down.

You will need to create your “Doors Closed” link to share during this time.

Create your Training Academy “Doors Closed” Affiliate Link:

Step 1. Copy this URL:[YourID]

Step 2. Paste it into a new window in the URL bar

Step 3. Replace [YourID] with your Affiliate ID

Step 4. Your link should look something like this:

Step 5. Copy it from the URL bar and paste it somewhere easily accessible for your own reference

Step 6. Share your link with your students and clients via private invitation

**Your link won’t and doesn’t need to have the open and close square brackets [ ] **