Guidelines on Selling the Training Academy

Important Information For You to be Aware Of

You can sell the Training Academy both when the doors are open to the public to jump into as well as when the doors are closed.

This is super exciting and for us to continue to offer this to you, our amazing affiliates, there are some important guidelines that you need to know. We’ve created this Affiliate guide so that you can sell and promote the Training Academy and continue to benefit from your referrals. Read through it carefully!

Training Academy Affiliate Guide

When your clients sign up to the Training Academy using your unique Affiliate Link, you will get an unheard of 50% commission on the cost of the subscription for the lifetime of the membership!!! The current cost of the Training Academy subscription is £30/$40 USD per month. That’s huge!!

Marketing assets can be found in the ‘TA Marketing Assets’ section in the Knowledge Base.

It is imperative that your client uses your own affiliate link, containing no errors at all, in order for you to earn commission from a sale (with no exceptions).