How To Sell The STAS Challenge

Steps to Selling Passes to Your Students

Marketing the Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge

You can advertise the challenge publicly on your Social Media, website, via email to your clients, mailing lists, friends and family.

Mention that as a Pro Dog Trainer you have been given an opportunity to offer this at an incredible value and what that value is: no less than £27GBP/$32USD/€30EUR

Important: Give them your contact information to express interest. Do not provide the sign up link at this time.


Let your customer know you are excited they’re wanting to join the fun and all they have to do is send you the payment to your preferred payment option, whatever that may be (PayPal is great for this).

Example: I am so excited you want to join me on this challenge. It’s going to be so much fun! Once I have received your payment of £27GBP/$32USD/€30EUR to my PayPal I can send over your registration link. My PayPal email is (insert your email here). I can’t wait to start the challenge with you!

Send Them The Registration Link

After you’ve recevied payment, send them the student pass link:

Download Your Handy Pocket Guide

Download your handy pocket guide for easy access:

Selling STAS Pocket Guide