STAS Affiliate Benefits

The Awesome Stuff You Get For Selling The Challenge!

Selling the Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge is a great way to introduce new students/clients to games based training!

You can sign new people up to the challenge at any time. This means you can have the challenge continuously advertised on your website and social media so people can jump in throughout the year.

As a Pro Dog Partner Affiliate, you get to keep 100% of the earnings from the sale of this challenge! Wow!!

Set Your Own Mini Launches

Pick a date in your diary to start the challenge from the beginning. Market the challenge in a way that communicates to your perspective clients that you will all be starting the challenge at the same time and working through it together! Top Tip: Share the Student-Pass2 link on the first day of the challenge, this way everyone will receive the daily emails at the same time starting at day 1. This keeps everyone on track.

From day 21 of the challenge, the Doors to the Training Academy will open for challenge participants. This is your opportunity to continue to fan the flames and share your Training Academy Doors Closed link with participants!