Affiliate Guidelines

We’re super excited to be able to offer our Pro Dog Trainers this awesome Affiliate program!

Being a Pro Dog Partner Affiliate allows you to market, promote and sell certain AbsoluteDOGS courses and programs and earn commission!

Before we dive into the “How To”, it’s really important we run you through some ESSENTIAL rules – By signing up to be an affiliate, you are agreeing to these fully.

Any violation of these (which can be easily monitored), could result in you losing your opportunity to be an affiliate – warning!

Affiliate Rules

These rules and terms may be updated from time to time and absoluteDogs Ltd reserves the right to add to this as needed. 17th March 2021.

We put this together to unlock a new level of support for you, your students and a way for you to quickly adapt to the changing world.We are all in this together and working as a team! This means there are a few affiliate rules:

  1. Although you really do not need to, you can absolutely offer additional “bonuses” for signing up through you – e.g. regular coaching calls. The amount of admin involved in cancelling and reactivating subscriptions should someone wish to benefit from these bonuses but (a) is already an existing member, or (b) have signed up using a different link means that we ask that you honour these bonuses should someone enquire about this regardless of whether they used your link or not – this is an abundance minded community. Examples:
  • Existing members cannot unsubscribe to then subscribe through your link and we will be monitoring this.
  • If your client signs up through a link that isn’t your Affiliate link, we cannot undo this. Be sure to guide and support your clients on which link to follow to ensure their purchase is linked to you so you earn the commission.
  • If an existing member is an in-person student of yours, then providing them with the bonuses you are offering to new sign ups is fair regardless of the fact they did not use your link. Providing extra value for students is never a bad thing – love your students, lots.

Unsubscribing to resubscribe can be closely monitored and leads to increased admin and tech support, limiting our ability to offer the (unheard of) 50% within the affiliate programme – do not endanger this or your place as an affiliate KEY

2. Advertise to your own students and audiences – do not advertise to AbsoluteDogs students, Facebook pages or any of our groups. This includes private messaging anyone via an AbsoluteDogs group to avoid people being spammed (the exception to this is if they are already an in-person student of yours.) AbsoluteDogs reserves the right to remove people from the affiliate programme (a) who do not adhere to the rules or (b) who stray outside of the ethos of the community or (c) who in any way act in a way that impacts the reputation of the parties involved.