Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check through these FAQ’s for the answer!

Q: Can I advertise the Training Academy publicly on my website and social media?

A: Only when the doors are open.  Doors to the Training Academy open a few times a year.  As a Pro Dog Partner Affiliate, you will get notice ahead of the doors opening so you can prepare your marketing materials.  Whilst the doors are closed, you can only sell the Training Academy via private invitation to your clients.

Q: Who can I sell the Agility Academy to?

A: You can sell the Agility Academy to your current, active Training Academy students.  You can also sell it alongside the Training Academy.  The Agility Academy isn’t available as a stand alone course.

Q: Where can I find the instructions to create my affiliate links for the Training Academy and Agility Academy?

A: These can be found here, in the Affiliate Wiki Links.  Look through the left hand menu under Training Academy or Agility Academy (depending on which one you’re looking for).

Q: How can I see if someone has signed up via my link?

A: You can see if someone has followed your link by going to the Visits page in your Affiliate Area. This will show you when someone has followed your link and if it has converted into a sale. For more details, head to the Order Details tab in the Affiliate Area which will show you the name of the person who signed up!

Q: When are the affiliate payouts made?

A:  Payouts are made on approximately the 15th of each month.

Q: What are the payment options for the affiliate payouts?

A: You can receive your payout via Store Credit to use against purchases of absoluteDOGS courses or you can receive your payout via PayPal.

Q: How do I change how I receive my affiliate payout?

A: You can switch how you receive your payout by logging into your dashboard > Affiliate Area > Settings

Q: Where can I see my store credit balance from my affiliate earnings?

A: Log into your dashboard > My Account > Affiliate Area > Statistics the store credit total is located at the bottom of the screen

Q: How do I sell the Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge?

A: Selling the STAS challenge is slightly different from TA & AA as you get to keep 100% of the commission!  You can find instructions on how to sell the challenge right here in the Wiki Links page.  Scroll down to the Sexier Than A Squirrel menu, click the + and then click “How to Sell The STAS Challenge.”

You can also find the instruction on how to sell the challenge in this post in the Pro Dog Partner Facebook group 

Q: Who can I sell the Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge to?

A: Anyone! You can actively market and sell this challenge publicly all the time!  Have an active post on your website, create email campaigns to share with new and existing clients or hold your own webinar or Zoom event promoting it!