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GRIT - Get Really Intense TrainingGRIT - Get Really Intense Training
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Product Information

Does your dog switch off easily? 

 Are you struggling to bring out the best in your dog? 

 Do you want to create a relationship that is there whether or not you have food on you?

 Stop wondering how you are going to fix these types of struggles! Your solution is Grit Games!

 Grit creates a dog who doesn’t disengage from you. Grit boosts courage, bravery and the ability to keep on trying. Grit will develop an Einstein of a problem solver!  

 Recall challenges, confidence issues, a dog who is seemingly not interested will be a thing of the past! This is next level learning for you and your dog! 

 Grit Games is a digital mini course, you can set the pace of your learning experience to suit you and you have life time access! Wow! We have an entire toolbox full of super creative and fun games for you to try! 

 Are you ready to unleash your dog’s full potential? 

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